Latvijas Karsēju sporta čempionāts 2024

Latvian 2024 Open Cheerleading Championships Conclude with Stunning Displays of Spirit and Skill

Rīga, Latvia – May 4, 2024 – The Latvian 2024 Open Cheerleading Championships, held at the International Exhibition Center in Rīga, wrapped up a spectacular day of competition that showcased remarkable talent and team spirit from cheerleaders across Europe. The event, which occurred on May 4th, drew a lively crowd, enthusiastic participants, and marked a memorable expansion in the history of the championships.

This year, the championships featured over 30 competitive categories, ranging from traditional cheer routines to dynamic athletic performances, providing a platform for every style and skill level. The event welcomed athletes from various European countries, who brought energy and creativity to the competition floor.

Highlights of the Event:

  • Record Participation: The championships saw an unprecedented number of participants this year, with teams demonstrating complex routines and high-energy performances that captivated the audience. The results can be found here.
  • European Cheer League Integration: As a new part of the European Cheer League (ECL), the event fostered connections among the cheer community, enhancing the experience for competitors and spectators alike.
  • Community and Camaraderie: The atmosphere was charged with camaraderie and sportsmanship, as teams cheered each other on, showcasing the true spirit of cheerleading.

Looking Forward:

The Latvian Open Cheerleading Championships will continue to serve as a key event in the European cheer calendar. Plans for next year’s competition are already underway, with the aim to bring even more innovation and excitement to the cheerleading community.

Event Photographs:

A collection of photographs from the event is available for viewing and download here.

About the Latvian Open Cheerleading Championships:

Hosted annually in Latvia, the Latvian Open Cheerleading Championships celebrate the skill, dedication, and passion of cheerleaders across Europe. The event aims to provide a competitive yet friendly platform for athletes to perform and connect with the broader cheer community.



“Latvian federation for sport of cheerleading” 26.04.2024 signed an agreement No 17.1-1-L-2024/232   with the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia on receiving support for export assistance under the project “SME Innovative Business Development” co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

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